Good enough

There’s a difference between good enough and amazing.

Education trains us to strive for perfect—you want that pretty A at the top of your paper. And striving for excellence, well, hey, that’s a good goal. That’s how we challenge ourselves and grow.

But sometimes good enough is good enough. Trying to be amazing can in fact hold you back from doing amazing things, because you’re holding yourself back from the actual doing.

Maybe approaching projects like a school assignment isn’t the best way to look at things, though we’ve been trained to think that way. Maybe a better approach is to think of it like you’d play a sport.

Think about it. If you played a sport as a kid, you played it because you enjoyed it. It was a ton of hard work, but your work was rewarded. And really, if your slide into home didn’t have perfect form, that’s not really the point. Was it effective? Were you safe?

I think this is especially relevant for creative endeavors. When it comes to creativity, there is no absolute right, perfect way to do it. So stop waiting for perfect. Strive for effective. Then do it.


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