5 Ways to More Creativity You Can Do Right Now

Your creativity’s just sitting there, floating around in your brain, waiting for you do use it. Tapping into it doesn’t have to be a huge project—you can do it right now, in the next 60 seconds. Set a timer and let’s go!

1. Freewrite. Put your pen to paper and and just go. Let whatever comes to you flow out onto the page, no judgement. At the end of your minute, look back over what you wrote. What ideas are in there? What has potential to be flushed out more?

2. Focus on one sense. Pick a sense you don’t rely on as much typically, like hearing or smell. Close your eyes and for the next 60 seconds, focus on what you can take in with only this sense. You’ll discover a rich variety of new things you don’t usually notice.

3. Write with your non-dominant hand. This will engage the nondominant side of your brain, triggering different thoughts and a new approach as you consider ideas for the project in front of you.

4. Try on a unique perspective. Think about how you’d perceive thing if you were your desk lamp, or your couch, or anything. Pick something and run with it.

5. Throwback to childhood. Do a little coloring with crayons or markers, or have a go on the swings at the park—something that takes you back to that open, limitless perspective of childhood.


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