The Endless Web of Interconnectivity

It’s hard, being a new blog, trying to find your audience. Everywhere you turn, there are other bloggers, blogging about blogging, telling you how you’re just one of millions of blogs out there, and all that you’re going to have to do to get ahead.

It’s rather daunting. But … then I started thinking. I read probably at least 20 blogs and newsletters on a regular basis. I contribute to one of my own, two or three through work. Bottom line: I am taking in a great deal more than I’m putting out there. In all likelihood, the majority of other people take in more than they put out, too. It takes a lot less time to take in content than to put it out, after all.

As I see it, we’re all part of a massive web of interconnectivity. Sure, there’s tons of blogs, startups, publications, ideas, whatever-else-have-you out there. There’s plenty of competition for just about anything you can come up with. It’s a big world out there.

But still seems to me that there’s plenty of love to go around, if you’ll put yourself out there and look for it.


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