Love Your Art And It Will Love You Back

These great words of wisdom are straight from the keyboard of Chris Guillebeau, author of The Art of Nonconformity—one of my all-time favorite blogs. This line was the suckerpunch conclusion to Chris’ article this morning detailing out how he writes more than 300,000 words every year. I strongly recommend checking out the full post, but in summary, the trick is to sit down and do it. Constantly. Every free second you’ve got.

This last line (this article’s title) really struck me . Because it’s so incredibly true.

The capacity of a creative project is so strongly tied to the passion and determination of the creator. How many different stories have you heard about great authors who were turned down time and time again before finally landing a publishing deal? Legendary artists who were told their work was horrible?

You have to love your works into being. Get obsessed over them. When your wheels are constantly turning on something, you’ll find it really will love you back. When I started this blog, I never thought I’d have the ideas to keep it going with weekly posts – and yet I’ve almost doubled that. Simply by being mindful of it, the topics have popped into my head faster than I can write full articles.

It’s the same for any project. Give yourself to it, really dedicate yourself to getting it done, and you’ll build a momentum that won’t quit.


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