Comfort is your enemy.

How’re you feeling? Nice and comfortable? That’s nice. Now change.

When it comes to creative development, comfort is your worst enemy. The pressure of a little discomfort can keep you pushing yourself. For example, think of an artist who has to sell a certain number of paintings each month in order to make ends meet each month—when your ability to eat is on the line, you better believe you’re focusing your best on your work and pushing your hardest to make sales.

I’m not suggesting you quit your day job. I’m sure not. There is an extreme to this—say that same artist does not get enough to eat a few months in a row. Now he’s sluggish and malnourished. And no one does their best work when they’re literally starving. But the point is that a little pressure can make you just uncomfortable enough to push you to be your best.

How do you keep yourself uncomfortable? At the first sign of comfort, assess your situation. Come up with some new goals to work toward. Thomas Edison used to require himself to produce one minor invention every single week. Suddenly, some of his major accomplishments make sense huh? At that rate, he was bound to come up with something like the light bulb eventually.

Always, always have something to keep your squirming a little.


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