Get Grateful: 3 Ways Gratitude Is Good For Your Brain

The attitudes you let float around your brain can have a big impact on your thoughts. Ever since positive psychology became popular in the ’90s, psychologists have been discovering the many ways that our positive or negative thinking habits impact us. With Thanksgiving tomorrow, it seems like a good time to remember the fantastic side effects of being appreciative of the good things in our lives.

1. Gratitude lowers your stress level.
People who take time to count a few blessing each day have been shown to be less stressed out than other people. Being aware and appreciative of the good things in your life is better for you than focusing on the negatives. Yeah, makes sense.

2. Gratitude increases your happiness.
A natural next step. According to research studies, people who practice gratitude regularly rate their happiness level as 25 percent higher than people who don’t.

3. Gratitude helps you sleep.
People who practice gratitude have been shown to have longer and better quality sleep time than those who don’t (perhaps they’re up stressing). Anyone who’s pulled an all-nighter knows the difference sleep can make on your mental well-being.

So you want your brain sharp and happy? Get grateful. Let’s start now. Thanks for reading! What are you thankful for this year?


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