QR Code Roundup

I caught an article this afternoon on CNN.com  that fascinated me: Why QR Codes Aren’t Catching On. They’re not? They’ve been the hot new thing in marketing all 2011!

Turns out that outside of my marketing industry bubble, the rest of the world isn’t very comfortable with them yet, and as much as 80 percent of people have no idea what to do with a QR code. Whoa. Reality check. How many people even bother to use the QR codes us marketers are slapping on all those mailers, signs and other collateral?

That article led me to two more that I also found fascinating: Marketers Embracing QR Codes, For Better Or For Worse (ouch!) and 6 QR Code Alternatives Disproved.

A harsh reminder that just because you have a technologically advanced solution doesn’t make it a better solution.

What do you think of QR codes? Do you use them?


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