Bringing Beloved Creations to the Light of Day

I have been quietly building a pet project over the past year. I’ve worked and worked and worked, and I’ve done about all I can to get it ready. It’s time to show it the world.


Suddenly, I’m no longer so sure of this thing I’ve built. Is this a stupid idea? Is the execution awful? Who am I to throw this out at the world? Am I qualified at all? Who is going to pay attention to little old me?

When these questions start running through my head, I thank God I fell into a career in public relations. I know exactly what my next steps need to be—I already develop and execute these strategies for other people every single day. Why is it so incredibly hard to do it for myself?

Whatever the reason, it’s time for me to put on a brave face and suck it up. As Lateral Action’s Mark McGuinness says, “If you haven’t produced something—dotted the i’s, crossed the t’s and published it, played it for an audience, displayed in public or shipped it to your customers—then you haven’t really created anything.”

So I’m trying to step back from my project and treat like I would a client. I’m breaking down my outreach into tiny steps to lure myself through this process without scaring myself too much. And yes, I’ll be sharing more about how it goes and what this mystery project is over the next few weeks…hope you’ll stay tuned!

Have you ever crossed taken a creative project of yours public? How’d you get over the nerves? Any lessons to share?

BONUS ROUND: And now, I will shamelessly promote other authors for a chance to win their books.

Check out the book giveaway at the blog of YA author Tahereh Mafi! Comment on her blog for a chance to win three books, including a copy of her debut release Shatter Me. I recently picked up Shatter Me from my library and I whipped through it in less than a week. I fell in love with her main character and was bewitched by her writing style. Trust me, you want it. The girl’s got a gift. So get over there and register for a chance to win here.


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