The Sleeping Beauty Method to Finding Your Muse (And What to do Instead)

Once upon a time there was a lovely princess. She was beloved throughout the land, and fairies came to her to bestow upon her many blessings. But one fairy was jealous, and instead of a blessing she put a curse on the princess. The other fairies did what they could, but still the princess pricked her finger and fell into a deep slumber. And so the princess laid asleep for many, many years, until finally her prince found his way to her. With one kiss she awoke, and they lived happily ever after for the rest of their days.

We all know this story. But people don’t consider it sound dating advice. We know that in the real world, princes don’t pop up out of thin air and take us away to live happily ever after.

You go on a lot of blind dates. You shoo away creeps in bars. You suffer a few broken hearts. And then if you finally get married, you still expect a good shouting match now and then.

In the real world, we still expect relationships to take work.

We know the Sleeping Beauty method doesn’t work—but for some reason, we still apply it to our muse.

We float through our creative endeavors, starting and stopping, talking big but not getting much done, waiting for our muse to come to us and bestow our next big idea on us.

Sure, you can do that. You can lay around and let your creativity sleep for ages while the world moves on all around you. And sure, every once in a while, inspiration will strike you like lightning.

But that’s all it is, a flash. Then it’s gone. This is not the way to a happily ever after with your muse.

Professionals know that, just like any relationship, your relationship with your muse takes work. Professionals don’t wait for their muse-prince to finally find them. They go out looking for it.

And once they find it, they work at it. Consistently. They don’t let rough patches throw them off, they don’t only show up with their muse is being sweet and flirty. They show up every day.

And guess what?

When meet your muse halfway, it starts showing up a lot more.

When I started this blog, my great fear was that I would not have enough ideas to keep it up. But in reality, that’s been the easy part. They hard thing has been consistently making the time. And even when I’m not perfect, I keep plugging away at it. And my muse rewards me with more ideas than I know what to do with.

What idea are you waiting on? Stop waiting on your muse and go find it.


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