Books for Creativity: The Artist’s Way at Work

The Artist’s Way at Work is based on the well-established Artist’s Way creative method It uses the metaphor of the dragon as illustrated in Chen Rong’s renowned painting Nine Dragons, believed to symbolize the enlightenment of Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism

“The creative spirit, like the dragon, is a thrilling, joyous, chaotic and powerful force that deserves and demands respect.” — The Artist’s Way at Work

The book guides readers through a 12-week crash course in getting back in touch with their creativity, focusing on identifying and overcoming the barriers to creativity within the modern 9-to-5 office environment.

The Artist’s Way at Work is not about traditional artists. In this book, you are the artist. Yes, you, in the suit. The 9-to-5er, paper pusher, the white collar schlub.

Because that is not what you are. Not according to The Artist’s Way.

If that’s how you feel, you’re creatively blocked. You’re jaded and burnt out, disconnected from your inner selves (yes, that’s plural). But under all that frustration, there is a vibrant, creative, fulfilled person just begging to be let loose. The Artist’s Way at Work will help you get back in touch with that self.

The book takes you through a series of exercises, questions and anecdotal stories. You start by looking into what lives behind your feelings and motivations, by tuning into the many voices within you. This heightened awareness becomes a stronger sense of self. By understanding our voices, we can moderate better, which enables us to make better choices and live more deliberately. This allows us to unveil our passions, rediscover what we love about our careers and make room for the things we care about most.

For some, the tools in this book will be an awakening. For others, who maybe are more in tune with their needs and creative voice, it may be more akin to a recharge. Ultimately, this understanding of self and emergence of passion translates into creative enrichment.

This series will continue in the coming weeks with the key lessons I took from The Artist’s Way at Work:
    Making Space in for Creativity
    Reconnecting to the Joy of Your Work
    Creative Contagion


3 thoughts on “Books for Creativity: The Artist’s Way at Work

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