Pet Projects & Summer’s End

Summer is officially over.

I guess I I still have the school calendar hard-wired in my brain, but summer always seems like a time for something great. The weather is beautiful, the days are longer. All that sunshine just does something to me.

As summer starts up, I get this sense that somehow, even though I don’t get a summer break anymore, that I’m still going to have more time…time for something great. The beginning of summer triggers big dreams in me–all the books I’m going to read, the places I’ll go, the dreams I’ll bring to life.

And then life continues as it does in every other season–by the time I get home from work, make dinner, go to the gym and other daily tasks, the day’s practically gone. And then day by day the entire summer’s gone, just like that.

It surprises me every year. And then I look back at my summer and wonder where it went–all that time I was going to use to build something great.

The nice thing is that, even if I can’t get everything done as quickly as I like, I’ve gotten strong starts. I’ve got momentum. I may not have an entire finished novel, but I’ve gotten halfway through my second draft. I may not be a world-class blogger, but I did increase my posts to three times a week, with two new weekly sections established. I may not have been able to launch my first issue of wordhaus yet, but I’ve done a lot to spread the word and collected some awesome submissions.

And now we turn to fall–which is perfect. Now it’s back-to-school season … get ‘er done season . Tweed and corduroy and boots. Bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils. It gets me excited all over again.

What momentum did you gain this summer? What are you excited about for fall?


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