Creative Cravings

A couple months ago, I burned out. I was stressed, exhausted and worn down like I was stuck on a treadmill ramped up to full speed.

Why do I do this to myself?I earnestly considered and explored this question.

It occurred to me that I chose all this, and I could chose to leave it, if I wanted, too. I could have a life with no waking up at 5 a.m., no staying up late to draft blogs, no pouring hours and hours into researching contacts for wordhaus outreach …

That’s time I could spend reading, watching TV, talking to my husband, playing with the dog. Sometimes even just staring at the wall sounds nice.

But …

That’s just not how I’m wired. Sure, it’s nice to veg out every now and then. But I get an idea, and it’s like an itch I can’t scratch—I just have to go after it. If I get too busy or go on vacation and don’t write for a while, it doesn’t take long before it starts to pursue me.

I don’t just love this stuff, I need it. I crave it more than dark chocolate.

And I’m nowhere near as busy as some of my favorite bloggers, writers and other creative. That’s just who we are, as artists. The need for creativity is in all of us—it’s in everything we do, from the clothes we put on in the morning to what we make for dinner. It’s so natural; we often don’t even realize we’re doing it. Creativity it like breathing.

So tell me … what gives you creative cravings?


3 thoughts on “Creative Cravings

  1. Whenever I read a good book or watch an interesting movie, I always think, “God I wish I had thought of that first”, which in turns kicks my creative gears into action as I attempt to find something more awesome. It’s like you said, I just /need/ to do it.

    • I know exactly what you mean — I’m in the middle of Charles Yu’s short story collection Sorry/Please/Thank You, and every story makes me think that.

  2. Well, this post was enough to get me to post this comment which is a great start. It takes very little to get me started, but getting me to stop is the trouble. I’ll sneak off to a quiet room to compose, even if we have company. Sorry, can’t help it. Better than being a bitchy host, right? A beautiful, well-crafted piece of music almost always does it. Bach and Bartok never fail. Off I go to write at least a snippet!

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