Uniqueness and Connection in a Digital Word

There’s 7 billion people in the world.

So even if you’re one in a million, there’s 7,000 others out there just like you. And the Internet connects a vast majority of us, so many of those other 7,000 are as available to your audience as you are.

Yesterday I flipped through my Facebook feed to see a hundred variations on the same reactions to the presidential debate, and this reality hit me hard.

It’s a hard reality to grapple with as a creative, that we’re much, much more alike than we are different. Our uniqueness is what we bank on as creatives, this idea that we have something to offer that no one else can.

I’m starting to think that uniqueness is more myth than reality. We are all most certainly unique. But by and large, we’re a lot more alike than different.

And that is a wonderful thing. Because our creativity doesn’t matter until we share it with others–until it connects. We don’t think about this part as much, but we rely on our similarities for this.

We need to be alike, not just as human beings but as artists. Much more than we need to be different.


2 thoughts on “Uniqueness and Connection in a Digital Word

  1. This is a perfect reason that we should stop demonizing our potential leaders as a strategy. Either candidate could possibly be elected and we all need to be able to deal with that. This is a great entry and a great way to start my night-time mind stream. Thank you.

  2. @Tim. Yeh, even if our guy is not elected, we all need to get outta bed and make it happen just the same as if our guy is. The election need not bother my guitar compositions or blog posts or anything for that matter.

    I want my compositions to be like no others, but I want them to be enough like others that they are accessible. Too esoteric and people tune my junk out, so I learned to compose music that has somewhat of a beat, a spattering of traditional harmonies and a recognizable form while maintaining my dark,creepy vibe. Love your post, Emily!

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