4 Ways to Tap into Your Creative Genius

In my last post, I wrote about how we all have our own unique genius in us. This week, I’m following up with some ways you can tap into that creativity more. I’ve said it before and I’m bound to say it again—creativity is innate. We all have it. You can choose to nurture it and get more from it. Here’s some ways to help you do it:

  1. Try new things. Ever wonder about scuba diving? Why not take a lesson? Exploring new activities encourages your brain to think in new ways and make new neural connections. Pay attention to things that excite you, and pursue it further.
  1. Get it on paper. Or pixels are fine too. I always have a pen on me. If for some reason I don’t have paper on me, I’ve been known to jot things down on my hand. Always, always write down ideas when you get them. This lets you come back to them later to flesh them out.
  2. Ask questions. Curiosity is an important element for successful creatives. The more you learn, the more ideas, techniques and perspectives you have to play with to come up with innovative solutions. So … why’s the sky blue? Go look it up.
  3. Show up. Like muscles, your brain gets better at thinking certain ways the more you exercise it. Set aside time regularly. Use it as a special time to stimulate your creativity with some writing, art, photography, whatever your creative passion is.

Tapping into your creative genius is really pretty easy—listen to it, and follow it. Then, add a little discipline to make sure to do that regularly.


2 thoughts on “4 Ways to Tap into Your Creative Genius

  1. These are delectable strategies for creativity, Emily! May I respectfully add conversation to the list? My wife and I never shut up and it really helps us flesh out out wacky ideas. Not to mention it is so much fun to inveigle the other into more and more ridiculous permutations of their original idea.

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