6 Ways to Find Time During the Holidays

It’s that time of year when family, friends, and parties take over, and no amount careful planning can stop the disruption to your routine. Happy holidays!

But just because your usual creative time is now slotted for Christmas cocktails and your in-laws are sleeping in your work space is no reason to despair.

Put that creative brain of yours to work, and you’ll find there’s plenty of ways to get around these obstacles.

1. Get up early/stay up late. You’re probably getting less sleep than usual anyway.

2. “Sleep in.” Hide in your room a little while after you wake up to squeeze in a little time on your work in progress.

3. Go for a walk. Over Thanksgiving, having to take my puppy out every few hours ended up being a great time to clear my head and reflect.

4. Plan a creative activity for the family. If you can’t beat them, join them. Can’t get away? Why not do something creatively stimulating together? Cook, do a craft, decorate the house.

5. Carry it with you. I’ve talked before about carrying a notebook, and I’ll say it again. When I can’t have my computer with me, I at least have something to write on. If you have a few minutes waiting in line for Santa, use them.

6. Play hookie. You’d definitely be missed at the big Christmas dinner, but do you really need to be at the movie, where everyone is sitting in silence in the dark? You may be able to miss a thing or two without really missing out.

The most important thing to remember may be to let go and enjoy. There’s a reason there’s so much activity this time of year, so don’t be a grinch, too obsessed with your own work to be part of the merriment. After all, how good can your art be if you aren’t taking time to live?

Tell me … how do you stay creative during the holidays?


3 thoughts on “6 Ways to Find Time During the Holidays

  1. This is brilliant in that it offers practical solutions to a problem many are willing to ignore. This Holiday shit is time-consuming and stuff still needs to get done. Just because congress and 95% of America shuts down for a month or more, does not mean our creativity needs shut off like a freakin faucet. I like your ideas too because no one’s feelings ought to be hurt by employing any of them.

    Although I do know people who would think your 6 items anathema to family and Holiday constructs. F ’em! These are terrific ideas.

  2. For me creativity isn’t really the issue, it’s prioritizing time to do the work, and sometime that’s as simple as creating deadlines for the work (even if they’re somewhat contrived). I make an appointment to show someone I respect my work, and that creates the pressure to make it happen. So during the holidays, I set a date to edit a video and get it to a mentor for review. He’s counting on me to do it. Then I can tell family and friends, “I’ll see you later tonight; that is, if I get this edit done.” BTW, Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman killed on Christmas day in Les Miz. Wouldn’t have missed it!

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