#storylove: Endings, Beginnings & The Leaps In Between

We’ve come to the end of our #storylove celebration. Next week, wordhaus launches.

Thank you for journeying with me. If you’ve been following Creative Juicer for a while, you know this is not the first time I’ve talked about wordhaus here. It’s scary to push something you’ve created out to the world. This community has helped me through the times I’ve wanted to back down and given me courage to make this leap. Your kind comments, encouraging emails, supporting retweets have fueled me again and again.

Now, the hardest work is behind me. It’s named, it’s branded. The site is created. I’ve worked all year to spread the word and collect stories. Everything for the launch next week lies in wait, ready to spring. This phase of intense creation is behind me.

And yet it’s also just the beginning of the most meaningful work. Now I have to push it out there and make it stick. And that can be the most challenging part, even if it doesn’t require the same kind of intense work. It’s scary to put your own creation out there to be examined and judged. But it’s also the most important part.

Creative work doesn’t mean anything until you share it. Ideas aren’t meant to be hoarded. They’re meant to connect, to inspire, to move. They should be carefully nurtured, and then, when they’re strong enough, you throw them out there and see if they can fly.

So, here we go. This idea and me, we’re fought our way up to the ledge, and we’re ready to leap. And it feels great.

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Tell me … what creative leaps have you made? What have you learned along the way?


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