Lucky 13: Happy New Year!

Happy 2013! Congratulations, you’ve made your way through yet another year.

Some years that is easy, and we hardly want to see them pass. Other years, having made it through in itself is an incredible victory. Either way, this is a time for celebration and renewal.

I hope you can take a pause and look back over your year. Look at the victories, big and small. The hopes, the dreams, the goals you’ve met. Even look back at the messes, setbacks, and disappointments. The sweat and tears, the heartbreaks. Take a moment to

And then let them go. All of it, the good and the bad. Tuck the lessons from those experiences in your pocket, and leave the rest of it behind. Because now it is time to look forward.

What do you aspire to in 2013? What is your dream?

I am dreaming of a completed manuscript, and of pushing out those first queries to agents. It is something I work toward almost every single day, and that work will continue this year. The daily grind of it can feel like watching grass grow—as if there is never really any significant growth—but when I look back now at where I was last year, I can see how far I’ve come.

My mom used to tell us, particularly on Friday 13th, that when everyone else was having bad luck, all that good luck had to go somewhere … it had to somehow balance out. She told us that our family had a long history of being that good-luck conduit. While other kids worried about what might befall them that day, us Rattray kids bounded around confident in our inevitable success.

As an adult, I don’t quite believe in luck, not in that way at least. But I do believe that good luck comes to those who are ready for any and every opportunity that comes their way. So consider this your lucky year, and get ready for opportunity.

Tell me … what are you looking forward to?


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