Guest Posting at The Arts Engine

Today I am guest posting at The Arts Engine about how my dreaded revisions process became an enjoyable creative activity. Come check it out! And then take a look around the site–Ben is a creative coach and arts project consultant with a lot of insights to share.


3 thoughts on “Guest Posting at The Arts Engine

  1. Another great post Emily and one I really relate to. I’ve just started the 4th (and hopefully final) round of edits on my first novel. My initial writing process was exactly like yours, fitting it in around work, and the outcome precisely the same – a completed story, albeit one lacking in depth and character. Now, with three edits and some space behind me, I can focus on those parts which are still rushed and badly-written, as they stand out clearly from the more refined sections. Boy is it a painful process though!! 🙂

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

      Wow, you’re way ahead of me in your revisions, good for you! You’re helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel!

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