This Week’s Juice: Creative Highlights from the Past Week

New regular feature! My favorite creativity, art and writing posts of the week. This will draw mainly from my Twitter feed–follow me for even more great articles from tons of sources throughout the week.

This will shift the overall Creative Juicer schedule moving forward. Instead of posts on Thursdays and inspiration on Saturdays, You’ll get posts on Wednesdays, inspiration on Fridays, and the week’s creative highlights on Sundays. And of course I’ll still be running occasional Creative Careerist interviews and guest posts on Mondays or Tuesdays as they come up. Sound good? Subscribe in the right side bar and never miss a thing.

My favorite posts of the week:

How to Increase Group IQ–The Creativity Post

Worry About the Writing, Not About Being a Writer–Jane Friedman

How to Create Consistently Great Content for the Long Haul–Copyblogger

What I Learned About Running a Freelance Writing Business from Shark Tank–The Renegade Writer

Personal Blog and Twitter Stats & Some Observations–Seeking the Write Life

Become a Satisfied, Prolific, Creative Artist by Focusing on this One Thing–Brandon Barnett

Art & Failure: Why the Two Go Together–Goins, Writer


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