How to Escape a Schedule

Sometimes you’ve just got to get away. Meetings, chores and other to-do’s pile up and make it impossible to give your creative work the time that it needs–let alone he peace of mind to focus on it.

But never fear! With the right moves you can give yours schedule the slip and give yourself the time you need to do the stuff that really matters to you. Here’s three ways to do it.

Leave. I have found one of the easiest escapes is to remove yourself from the environment the schedule is imposed in. That can mean leaving my home, where there are dishes to be washed, and taking my laptop to a coffee shop down the street. It can also be a helpful tactic for escaping day to day office demands when a big project that requires focus is lurking over you. Sometimes, in a pinch, I just tuck myself away in the closet. Wherever your distractions and daily demands can’t find you.

Unplug. Take out your phone. Now, see that little button on the top? That’s the power button. Push it down and hold … yes yes that’s it you can do it … and behold! Your phone is off! You just gave yourself the magnificent gift of distraction-free Your computer’s wi-fi and your television also have this amazing feature. Use it!

My one exception? Using my phone to listen to classical music on my headphones, which helps me drown out other noise and distractions around me that I can’t control

Cancel. Desperate situations call for desperate solutions. I don’t like to use this one, but sometimes do you what you gotta do. If you’ve got a regular Friday night meet up with friends but what you really need is time to create … well, will it really hurt to cancel just this once? Or what about canceling dinner and just ordering pizza? Some jobs allow you to take an occasional personal day.

Sometimes, the regular schedule gets overwhelming–or just overwhelmingly dull. Or, maybe inspiration has struck, and you want to catch it while it’s hot on your mind. When I find myself in these situations, these trusty escape tactics save me every time. There’s always a little catchup to do later, but when used wisely, you can reemerge from these brief escapes refreshed and ready to get back on top of your life’s regular demands.


4 thoughts on “How to Escape a Schedule

  1. Thanks for the tips – and the reminder that it’s okay to get away from everything for a while. I haven’t tried getting away to a coffeeshop yet. But I have finally become skilled at letting the phone go to voicemail, no matter which family member is calling.

  2. I book meeting rooms at work and spend an hour or two writing, pretending I’m on a conference call. Does that make me a bad person??

    The biggest problem though is the Internet. It’s impossible not to just take a crafty two minutes to surf… which turns into an hour… That’s why I often write longhand tucked away in a room without wireless.

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