Opportunity or Distraction? 3 Questions to Decide

When it comes to creative opportunities, I rarely say no. It’s in my nature–I just don’t like to miss out. On anything. And a childhood full of extracurriculars accustomed me to being busy. And besides, throwing in something new and different every once in a while can shake you free from routine and help your brain think in new ways.

On the other hand, being too carefree with what you commit to can distract you from the creative projects you truly care about. Let’s face it … there’s a good way to be busy and a bad way to be busy.

So how do you keep yourself working toward the right things? We’re all different, and there’s no hard and fast rules. But here’s three questions I consider when taking on new projects to help me determine if it’s a good use of my time:

1. How much of a time commitment is it?
Is it a one-time event or ongoing? For how long? How much time will each instance require?

2. Will it support my creative priorities?
This can mean growing my platform within my niche audience, building my skill set, or anything that will help me as I reach for my long-term goals.

3. Will it be fun?
Oh yes, this matters a lot. After all, this is my free time. If I know it’s going to be a blast, chances are I’m willing to sacrifice a little time, energy, and money on it–it’s just a question of how much.

Remember, it’s not about packing in all you can to every minute … it’s about committing to the things that matter to you, and knowing how to identify and let go of the ones that don’t.

How do you identify your opportunities and distractions?



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