This Week’s Juice: Top Creativity News

top creativity news

Photo by Mike Hammerton

Louis C.K. Thinks Cell Phones Ruin Our Ability to “Just Sit There”–Jason Boog, Media Bistro

Steps to Deal with Writer’s Block–Leah McClellan, Simple Writing

The Opposite of Success–Rachelle Gardner, Books & Such Blog

The Truth About the War for Talent–Seth Godin, Seth’s Blog

The Idea Guy–Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, The Minimalists


One thought on “This Week’s Juice: Top Creativity News

  1. Oh, I’m so in tune with Louis C.K. about our cell phone culture. There’s the whole talking to the top of someone’s head thing while they text away. When they finish they want to know: Were you saying something? Then there’s the choice between watching your meal congeal on the plate, or finishing your meal as your lunch hour trickles away, while waiting for your eating companions to finish the call they “have to take.” They turn to you, saying, “So tell me what’s been going on with you… oh, wait, I have to check my email.” Hmmm, there’s a short story in there somewhere.

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