Nothing to Say

I’ve wanted to write about the Navy Yard shooting ever since it happened a little over a week ago. Something about tragedy or crisis, or just the sheer noise of the media in its wake.

You see, I live just a few blocks away from the Navy Yard. The CVS in some of the media pictures, where one of the victims passed away, is directly across the street from my normal metro entrance.

But while there’s lots of thoughts in my mind, I haven’t posted any of them here because, well, there just didn’t seem to be anything to say. 

And then it finally occurred to me that in itself was quite a something.

A random shooting, 13 dead, the tragic downward spiral of the shooter. Surely there is lots to say. But it just feels like it’s all been said too many times already.

I don’t want to pretend I was part of the tragedy of that day, because both me and my husband were safely at work throughout the entire event. I don’t want to pretend I can imagine the horror that unfolded in Building 197. I don’t want to post pictures of the victims and go through the motions of a tribute I could not possibly justify. I don’t want to fuel empty drama. I don’t want to politicize.

And yet, after something like this, how can I possibly not have something to say? It just all seems too empty.

So what happens to it then? We can hardly go on with business as usual either. (What a phrase. Business as usual. Cringe.)

So where’s the answer?

Navy Yard shooting, free hugs, happiness sprinkling

By Jesslee Cuizon


Things like this. Happiness sprinkling. Now I’m more likely to be confused with Daria than caught giving strangers hugs. But I think this is where the answer is. It’s small. For most people it won’t matter. But it acknowledges that something happened here.

And for a few people, it might just mean everything.

How do you come to terms?


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