No One Gives a Shit.

In the great wide world of the Internet, people simply don’t give a shit. Not about:

  • You
  • Your platform
  • Your feelings
  • Your talent
  • How hard you try
  • How much time you put in

Sorry. A little tough love, my friends.

And yet here we all are, trying to build these platforms, build some kind of audience to make our creations matter.

The good news is that people DO care. They just care about the things relevant to them. They want to:

  • Be fulfilled
  • Enjoy good art
  • Be entertained
  • Receive information relevant to them
  • Avoid struggle
  • Make things easier
  • Gain a fresh perspective

If blogging is just for you, then heck, write whatever you want. Enjoy it. But if you’re blogging to build a platform, ask yourself before every post: How does this serve my readers?

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One thought on “No One Gives a Shit.

  1. The premise seems a tad cynical. Sure, there are times where our art must be tailored to an audience to pay the mortgage. But the expression of ourselves, regardless of the medium, cannot be tailored to the pure indulgences of the receivers. Otherwise, where is truth? Truth that wells up in us, demanding to be told, must be unleashed even to those unwilling to fully embrace it. Our “cup” must overflow. Alice Munro recently said, “I’ve maybe written one or two good stories”. I doubt she wrote to please others.

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