Why Create Art?

Why do we create art?

I don’t mean humanity. I mean us. You and me.

Why do YOU create art?

Art is such a slippery thing. So much must be thrown into it, not just from our time but from our hearts, all without any indication of whether it will amount to anything. We must do it on the front end, completely blind, and then step back, cut the strings, and assess it coldheartedly. Is this worth anything?

Even if the result is worthwhile, it rarely leads to fame or fortune, or even a sustainable living. Which means most of us are pouring in all the blood, sweat and tears, over and over again, on top of families, full time jobs, all the normal demands of life.

Why? What drives you?

For me, there is a deep sense restlessness. A dissatisfaction with both myself and the world around me. A sense of it all being broken. When I write … well, I’m hardly delusional enough to think I can fix any of it. But it serves as both an escape from it and also a way to try to understand it and cope with it.

That all sounds rather dark, and I’m really not a dark person at all. But that itch, that dissatisfaction drives me to write, and it makes the other stuff, the rewards and the struggles of art, seem secondary to the process.

What about you? Please, I’d love to know what pushes you to keep creating. It’s a great time of year to get back to the roots of what motivates you. Share in the comments!


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One thought on “Why Create Art?

  1. My reason is similar to yours. I think the world is a broken place, and art is one way to bring healing and start piecing it back together. The artistic imagination can help usher in a new, more beautiful world by iterating a new, more beautiful narrative. Thanks for asking this question. It’s a great one to think about.

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