Guest Post at The Write Practice

A little bit of an announcement today–I am taking on a short-term guest posting position at The Write Practice, a fantastic blog for writers looking to hone their craft. I hope you’ll come by to check out the site and read my first post, 4 Steps to Give This Editor No Choice But to Publish Your Story.

As I’ll be releasing a new post at Write Practice every other week for the near future, I won’t spam you all by announcing every one of them here. If you’re interested in seeing the rest of my upcoming Write Practice posts and getting other great writing advice, join The Write Practice mailing list.


7 thoughts on “Guest Post at The Write Practice

    • I hope this is ok. I was unable to leave my comment on your post, “4 Steps to Give this Editor No Choice but to Publish Your Story” at the Write Practice. So here it is: I’d worked on a personal essay for weeks for a contest, having merged two essays together and getting some advice from a couple trusted friends on how it came across. I did A LOT of rewriting, editing, hacking, chopping, slicing and dicing, and still felt loose. Then I read this blog, and your suggestions on lede, conflict, and especially tying up loose ends into a finely woven piece really helped. (It makes me think of knitting a scarf.) I had been struggling with the opening paragraph. “You had me at the word, lede.” I brainstormed for a clever title, and tried to show rather than tell, starting with a scene from when my mother taught me how to swim in the ocean. I’m so excited about this! It is going to be tough to forget about it for a while until notification from the judges, but I will move on and I feel more direction in my writing now. Thank You! Smiley faces all around… and P.S.: Love the delete button in the photo.

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