Get Obsessed

It’s a tough thing, staying dedicated to your art while also holding down a job. As if it wasn’t hard enough to get through your commute, make dinner, get the chores done and just catch up with your loved ones at the end of the day—maybe if you feel ambitious getting a workout in.

Nope, we’ve gone and made everything even more complicated by throwing a passion in the mix. How can one ever manage to keep a life in order and also chase a passion?

When conversations of this sort start up, the phrase “life balance”starts cropping up. Well … you can take your life balance and shove it. (Click here to tweet that)

Get specific. Get narrow. Get your blinders up and keep your head down. You’ll get much farther with your art if you get obsessed.

From all I’ve read about individual thought leaders and building expertise, from the real-life masters I’ve encountered, from my own trial-and-error experiences, I’ve concluded that if you want to be great at something, balance is the enemy. (Click here to tweet that)

We spread ourselves too thin in this life. There’s too many distractions. But greatness requires prolonged, narrow, intense focus.

Just ask Malcolm Gladwell, or Steve Jobs, or Paul Farmer. It takes a lot to leave your mark on this world. Do you want your passion to do this for you? Get obsessed.

Obviously, I don’t advocate ignoring your family or casting off your day job or other extremes. Let’s keep our heads screwed on.

But I do advocate for finding your own ways to ensure that your passion is one of your top priorities—every single day.

This can mean many different things. Some days it may mean going to the library for a few hours for quiet focus time. Others it may mean lugging an extra laptop to work so you can pursue your passion on your lunch. Others it may just mean going home from the party earlier than everyone else

But the point is, keep your passion at the top of your mind, always within your vision. Shape your life around it, don’t just give it the loose time change that’s left over at the end. Let your passion be a passionate, all-consuming fire within you. (Click here to tweet this)

Otherwise, it is even really a passion?


How do you get obsessed? 


2 thoughts on “Get Obsessed

  1. My passion is to write. Simple. I can do just that anytime, any place. Once I’m on a roll I am obsessed, often to the point of tossing and turning while trying to get to sleep. I have bits of sticky note pasted inside my work diary, soft edged flaps of serviette tucked into the pockets of my handbag. All inky and waiting.
    Last night as I got ready to shower a little pink piece of note paper, precisely and beautiful folded like an origami treasure, fluttered out of my bra to the bathroom floor and waited patiently to be collected, and unfolded into a tall tale with many delicate creases.
    My obsession requires direction; some focus would sharpen the arrow of my art.
    Thanks for the post…it has reminded me to put my passion at the centre of my life and gather the scattered grabs and fidgets of fiction into cohesive tales and stories of my everyday poetic insights and inspirations.
    Dawn 🙂

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