Reality Check: Beta Testing Your Art

Before a new technology launches, it’s beta tested—because it’s not enough for the programming to work in theory, you have to have actual human users make sure it functions properly and meets users the way they naturally interact with it. Beta testing.

We need to do the same with our art. Because, really, what good is our art if our audience can’t pick up what we’re putting down? Is that still even art?

Without feedback, we’re operating in a vacuum. I don’t know about you, but my mind can drift pretty far out there. I

That’s why, when you reach close to the end of your creative process, you should pause for a beta test. 

For me, that time is now. I’ve finally finished my manuscript and I’m looking for beta readers to give me some feedback.

And hey, want to be one of them? Because I’d love nothing more than to get feedback from the Creative Juicer community who has shared this process with me.

About the book:

The story is an 80,000-word fantasy novel that combines a gritty antihero in the tradition of Frank Miller’s Sin City, a narrative with the emotive power of Tahereh Mafi’s Shatter Me, and a world that draws from an amalgam of Judeo-Christian and Greek mythology.

The box has put blood on Adem’s hands more times than he can count. But the Hunters keep finding him, determine to risk everything to fight for it. One they reach for the box, Adem is powerless to stop himself from destroying them.

If only he could walk away from it. If only he knew what was in it. But he’s already tried everything. 

After ages on the run, Adem hides in Epoh’s darkest corner, the holy district, abandoned by both men and the gods since the last Realm War. Just tries to remain unnoticed as he watches life unfold in the forsaken city. To not kill anymore. 

Then an angel comes to him offering this and more: a soul and the chance to be human. But first he must return the angel’s long lost human love to him from the Underworld. 

But under his heartache, the angel hides something much darker. As he pursues his quest, Adem starts a chain of events that will unleash the Third Realm War and turn all of Terath into battlefield for the gods and their First Creatures.

I’m hoping to have all feedback by June 30. If this story sounds interesting and you’re willing to share some of your time and thoughts, here’s what you get from me in return:

  • Inclusion on an email list to get updates related to the book (unless you don’t want to be!)
  • Mention in the thank you’s for the book
  • Copy of the book whenever, however it is finally released
  • My eternal gratitude

If you’re interested, shoot me an email at


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