Ideas are Disposable

Forget about tracking every idea carefully in a thought journal. Your ideas are disposable. (Tweet this.)

So are mine. And I habitually treat them that way.


I’ll have a few article topics or tactics to try pop into my head, scribble them out on whatever paper is closest to me, and then … well, the paper gets lost, or I simply don’t follow up to pull them into anything more organized.

I know, I know. There’s nothing quite like that feeling of a shiny new idea. This new idea is THE idea. It is The One. It is everything. There is something very exciting and compelling about the newness of a good idea.

Go ahead, love the shit out of that idea. There’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t get too attached, either.

Because no one idea is the magical silver bullet that will save you, or your business, or your product, or whatnot.

It’s not about the idea—it’s about having the idea-creation mindset. (Tweet this.)

That is the beautiful thing about ideas. There’s always another one about to roll along. And if you’re like me, you’ll even have the same ideas again, if you lose them once. It’s not about clinging to every idea you have. It’s about having the ideas.

You’ve had more than one idea in your life. You’re going to have even more of them. And if you cultivate a mindset that ideas are everywhere and can be inspired by anything, if you keep on the lookout for them, your brain is going to just explode with creativity.

And you’ll have more ideas than you could ever actually invest in.

Which brings us to the point. The question is not, how do I hold on to this idea? The question is, which ideas are the ones worth pouring my time and effort into?

Because the one thing that gives an idea meaning? Action. (Tweet this.) All the rest, the ones you don’t get to—just toss them aside and keep looking forward.


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