5 Tips for Using LinkedIn Groups from a Reformed Doubter

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I’ve only very recently started to actually engage with LinkedIn groups.

For a long time, they seemed too much like forums, and forums were just too much chaos and trolling for me. Even if you got a response that seemed quality, you had no idea if the person who wrote it had any legitimate authority on the topic.

For these reasons, I have been much more comfortable finding a good blog to use as a resource, rather than rely on, ugh, people.

But there are perks that participating in a Group can offer that you can’t get by collecting a reservoir of online reference materials. Say, human connections. And the opportunity to show your own expertise in addition to learning from someone else’s.

As it happens, when you’re trying to grow a client list these are two things that really matter. And since learning to be savvier about LinkedIn is my designated project for June, I bit the bullet and gave it a try.

How I Implemented It

First, I searched for groups that would let me contribute with insights relevant to my primary freelance services (content marketing) where I would have the potential to meet professionals who might hire writers like myself. I landed on a group called Content Marketing Academy.

I resolved to contribute to the group at least once a week with a helpful, thoughtful insight to a recent conversation (a recommended best practice).

A few weeks in, I am definitely seeing some results. My profile is getting a boost in traffic, and I’ve already had a few new people request to connect. I’m also getting more engagement from my old contacts, which I’m really enjoying.

Many freelancers have shared case studies on the blogpsphere about how they gained new clients through LinkedIn Groups. I haven’t had this happen yet, but based on my initial findings, I believe it—it’s a long-tail game, but likely worth it. After all, visibility is half the battle.

On Posting Well

There’s plenty of content out there about maximizing your gains from Groups, but here are a few of the tips that stood out to me:

  1. Be authentic—Be yourself and use your natural, conversational writing voice when posting in groups, don’t get stuck being stiff and professional. This is about connecting, which means sharing some personality.
  1. Ask questions—When you add a new conversation thread, don’t just share a link or post your insight, ask a question! More specifically, ask an open-ended question that will trigger conversation on a relevant industry topic.
  1. Connect to members—A little-known benefit of Groups is that you’re able to direct message other members, even if you’re not connected to them. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a member who posted something thoughtful in a conversation you were engaged in.Just be sure to use that conversational voice and be clear about what made you want to connect—a quick, kind like about your likeminded views on a hot conversation topic should do the trick.
  1. Touch frequently—Like all social media, you have to post frequently to remain visible. If you offer smart, on-topic comments on a regular basis, people are going to start remembering you and associate you with that expertise.
  1. Be picky—When it comes to choosing a group, be picky about finding one that suits your expertise and will connect you to the right target audience. Look out for groups that are poorly managed, and don’t hesitate to leave them for one that is more focused.

To the Doubters

If you’re dubious of LinkedIn Groups like I was, I’d recommend giving them a second chance. Do your research up front to find the right group for you, put in a few minutes each week to contribute something thoughtful, and I’m confident you’ll soon see your investment paying off, too.

Sorry, I don’t post on Creative Juicer anymore.

If you like what you see & want more, join my author email list for updates on my writing, posts about sci-fi and fantasy pop culture, and other readerly fun by clicking here.


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