Sorry, I don’t post on Creative Juicer anymore.

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The Writer: Emily Wenstrom
Lit addict, movie junkie, writer. I’m a creative writer fascinated with science fiction, fantasy and monsters of all kinds. When I’m not writing about these, I’m a professional writer working in marketing and public relations. I am the founder and editor of wordhaus, a short story zine built for the digital age (submit your story!). Follow me on Twitter at @emilywenstrom.

Guest Posting on Creative Juicer
I accept guest posts on topics related to creativity in art and career. Contact me with your article idea at emily [dot] wenstrom [at] gmail [dot] com. Articles must be 600 words or fewer.

Creative Careerist Interviews
I’m always on the lookout for artists and professionals who are innovative, gutsy, inspiring, colorful, brilliant or otherwise have met success in their creative endeavors. If you or someone you know someone who meets this description, I’d love to hear about it. Nominate a Creative Careerist by emailing me at emily [dot] wenstrom [at] gmail [dot] com.

An ongoing feature of things I am obsessed with and inspired by. I want to know what you’re obsessed with too! Email me at emily [dot] wenstrom [at] gmail [dot] com to spotlight your obsession on Creative Juicer.

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