Creative Careerist: Sheenah Freitas


neek at heart, Sheenah Freitas has a love for the whimsical and magical. She looks to animated Disney movies and Studio Ghibli films for inspiration because of the innovative twists on fairytales, strong story structures, and character studies. When not writing, you might find her in a forest where she’s yet to find any enchanted castles. The first two books in her trilogy, The Chosen and The Number, can be found online in ebook and print format at all major book retailers. She also owns a small press where she publishes YA and fantasy works. You can find more about her at her website at:

What does an average day look like for you in your creative career?
It varies from day to day. Having my own small press, I find myself working on different stages of production for books. I just started edits on a book this week, so for the next couple of weeks I’ll be editing. And then there are times when someone might contact me to do some freelance cover or formatting work and I work around that. In the evenings, I tend to work on my own writing projects.

How did you get to where you are now in your career? What key moments, decisions or circumstances brought you here?
Well, initially I wanted to work in pharmaceuticals. However, after failing miserably in my chemistry class, I decided I should do something else, but wasn’t sure what exactly. My dad suggested I pursue writing because it was the first dream I had when I was younger and writing was always a hobby, so why not? I took the plunge, managed to get signed with a small press and then about a few months with them I was notified that they were closing down their fiction side. Having experience in web and graphic design and a solid foundation on the ins and outs of the publishing industry, I thought I’d try putting out my own work through my own press.

What excites you most about your work?
I think it’s exciting that I get to do something different every day. If I get bored editing or think I need a break doing covers, I can always switch gears and work on something else. Because trust me, there’s always something that needs to be done.

What is its greatest challenge for you?
Ensuring the work is the best it can be. I look at everybody’s work and I push them to produce the best writing that I know they’re capable of. My authors don’t know it, but I’m actually harder on myself than I am them.

How do you get your best ideas?
By everyday life. Sometimes I’m out and about and I see someone or I hear something and I think, “What if?”

What do you do when you get stuck?
Work on something else! For me, getting away from the problem helps clear my head and my frustration.

How do you make sure you make time for creativity in your life?
Creativity is everything to me. I love to create. Even in my spare time, I’m creating something whether it be working on a knitting or sewing project, making cookies, or painting a picture.

What advice do you have for other aspiring creatives who want to follow in your footsteps?
Just do what you love. Keep creating, keep dreaming, and one day everything will pay off.


6 thoughts on “Creative Careerist: Sheenah Freitas

  1. Oh wow… I love this! While I’m busting my brains to schedule one hour of creativity and stick to it, she is creative ALL DAY…even in her spare time. Part of me is a little jealous but most of me is insanely inspired. I’m working on a new record and trying to keep my blog going but it always feels quite difficult. maybe it’s the newborn. lol

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